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May 20

Bundle Stars Faction Bundle!

Here is a nice little bundle that has some good coop and local coop games! Only £1.79!   Guns of Icarus Online The Ship: Murder Party Dino D-Day Pool Nation Murder Miners Orbital Gear Eador: Masters of the Broken World Super Toy Cars Ring Runner Muffin Knight

May 12

Humble Bundle Spring Sale 

Humble bundle spring sale has started, grab some fantastic deals now!

May 12

How To Find A Bottleneck In Games

Task Manager - Disk

Too often we have got a new game and found performance is lacking. Sometimes it’s easy enough to turn down some settings but other times it feels like your PC is holding you back. Here we will show you how you can determine what your bottleneck is and how you could re-mediate it. Initial checks …

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May 05

Micro Quadcopter Build

Mini quadcopters

A Micro Quadcopter! Outside of the usual gaming content, we have a brief quadcopter build . If you haven’t had a shot at one yet, I urge you to get a small one to get used to flying and just mess around with it! To get more practice flying quadcopters before I go back to …

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May 02

Insomnia 61 – Are you going?

Insomina Edinburgh Hall

  Saor Gaming will be attending the BYOC LAN at Multiplays Insomnia gaming festival, Hosted in the NEC in Birmingham, UK. We will be joined by our friends from other clans, Mages of Mayhem and Rocket League semi-pros Fireborn Gaming. What is Insomnia?   Its a gaming festival! A 3000 strong LAN hall (above is …

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Feb 19

Tile Based Map Generation with SabreCSG

Now that i’m finished with my metaballs implementation I’ve started working on creating map assets and building out test levels for my game. Since I’m creating this myself I tried to find a tool or asset pack that could help me speed up the creation of the tile assets for the map. To keep things …

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Feb 07

Metaballs in Unity

I’ve recently been getting into Unity to see if I could make a little basic game. My first idea has taken me down the road of procedurally generating meshes for objects in Unity . One method of doing this is creating an Isosurface using various algorithms. In my case I was trying to create Metaballs. …

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Jun 05

Offspring Fling! – Backlog #3

Offspring - Mother

A fun little platfomer, with arts reminiscent of Kirby This challenge is getting tougher, i’m getting through a lot of the shorter games and have moved onto larger RPG’s and open world games which will take a bit longer to complete. Offspring fling is a game where you control a mother bird, who is trying …

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May 28

Unturned – Easier Heightmap method!


You may have seen our previous guide on how to get a heightmap for a map in Unturned, a free to play open world zombie survival game, with a built in map maker utility. This guide will show you an easy, quick way to get a realistic looking map.   Tools Required Your going to need a couple …

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May 28

Unturned – Creating a heightmap from real world locations


Unturned is an free to play open world zombie survival game, with a built in map maker utility. Right now the game has no ability to automatically import real world location data into its maps. This guide will show you how to use real world heightmap data to create a realistic looking map.   Tools …

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