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May 28

NightSky Backlog – #4

  A relaxing, beautiful looking game with impressive level design Starting this challenge was a great idea, I’ve played a few games now that I wouldn’t have glanced at before because I’ve been too busy playing the latest open world survival or AAA title. It’s fun! NightSky is a simple platform game where you roll …

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May 24

SkyDrift – Backlog #2

SkyDrift – It’s like pod racing, except your a plane.   The second game of the backlog challenge is complete. SkyDrift is an action racer where you fly planes of various different stats and race around a course, picking up power ups to destroy your competitors and fly your way to first place. SkyDrift looks …

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May 19

VVVVVV – Backlog #1

VVVVVV – My first backlog game complete! One down a bazillion to go! Did I pick a first game to tackle or what? VVVVVV is one of those Nintendo-hard games that somehow makes you relive the same death over and over again until finally, though luck or good timing, you dodge some spikes and combo-flip …

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May 18

Steam Backlog Challenge

A backlog of Steam games; an ultimate first world problem. I’ve attempted to break my steam backlog a few times now. Unfortunately it ends up breaking me and I go back to whatever recently multiplayer purchase me and my friends are currently on. Too much time is spent trying to rank up in online games …

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May 07

Come join our new servers!

Saor-Gaming Servers Hello everyone! Our server is now in the data centre. I’ve been working hard setting up some of the most popular games for us to  play on. Everything appears to be working fine 🙂 We have dedicated hardware at our disposal to set up new game servers and add resources to our current …

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Apr 18

iPega 9055 Bluetooth Controller

iPega 9055 Bluetooth Controller For mobile gaming on the go!   I’m a big fan of mobile gaming, I love playing games on my Oneplus One, its especially awesome being able to play retro games on the go. One of my gripes though is a lot of the controllers you get these days are small …

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Apr 11

Multi-OS bootable USB

How to create a Multi-OS bootable USB drive   This guide will show you how to simplify things by creating a Multi-OS USB drive which can store multiple operating systems and diagnostic tools which you can plug into just about any machine and boot. There always comes a time where you need to wipe Windows and …

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