May 02

Insomnia 61 – Are you going?


Saor Gaming will be attending the BYOC LAN at Multiplays Insomnia gaming festival, Hosted in the NEC in Birmingham, UK.

We will be joined by our friends from other clans, Mages of Mayhem and Rocket League semi-pros Fireborn Gaming.

What is Insomnia?

Insomina Edinburgh Hall


Its a gaming festival! A 3000 strong LAN hall (above is at Insomnia Scotland which was much smaller) where you can play games with your mates, participate in community tournaments, get food & drink delivered to your desk and meet up with your buddys from Discord & Teamspeak!


Insomnia Edinburgh Expo

Not only that, there are Youtuber talks, Indie Dev interviews, Expo stands where you can try the latest games and buy merchandise and cakes, so many cakes.Insomnia Edinburgh Merch

Expo Cakes!

What will we be doing?

We are a casual clan and will be competing in Insomnia CSGO and Hearthstone tournaments mainly for fun. Getting drunk is on the agenda, as well as sleeping as little as possible. You will find us messing about in things like GTA V, league of legends, Gang Beasts, Keep Talking and nobody explodes, R6 Siege and whatever else, its great!

Seriously, having 8 people in a room just to play Gang Beasts makes it worth it.

If your thinking about coming you can get tickets here insomniagamingfestival.com/

Hit us up on Discord,  Steam or in the comments if your attending this August. 


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