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iPega 9055 Bluetooth Controller

iPega 9055 Bluetooth Controller

For mobile gaming on the go!


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I’m a big fan of mobile gaming, I love playing games on my Oneplus One, its especially awesome being able to play retro games on the go.

One of my gripes though is a lot of the controllers you get these days are small – for means of being portable and I have quite big hands. This makes gripping onto small controllers a pain, squishing your thumbs down to reach the buttons or analogue stick makes gaming even on a short train journey feel like a waste.

Finally, a controller for man hands, the iPega 9055!

The controller is a telescopic style game pad with your standard array of controller buttons, DPad,  shoulder buttons and triggers.

The 9055 accommodates phones and phablets up to 5.6inch. One good feature is that it collapses small enough that it also supports most phones in portrait, as well as horizontally, which makes playing Nintendo DS emulator games such a breeze!

Easy to reach glassy, clicky buttons, what’s not to like?

This controller wasn’t available from any UK sellers I could find. So I ordered it from dx.com for ¬£20.

Get it here!

It took a while to get to the UK until its stocked by UK sellers that’s the way these things go.

The build quality of this controller is solid. It feels sturdy and professionally made. The controller sports a rubberised grip on the handles, which also extend just over a centimetre to give your hands something more to grab onto.

The dpad is one of the better ones I’ve found in mobile controllers, though it lacks diagonal movement, the arrows have great feedback and make a nice “click” when depressed.

The X Y B A buttons follow suit, the feedback is great and the glassy effect looks awesome. They are in an easy to reach position on the controller, they could of probably made a smaller version just with the dpad and X Y B A buttons for some good ol’ NES gaming.

The analogue sticks don’t feel like Xbone or PS4 sticks, but in no way is that a bad thing. The analogue sticks are response, yet stiff enough to allow you to control delicate movements.

Finally, the R2/L2 triggers are actual analogue triggers, which is good as some games require them to be. R1/R2 are nice wide buttons which lack the distinct click the dpad has. They are angled downwards off the controller, sometimes its not obvious if the button press has registered.

It supports IOS and Android!

I tested the controller with my Android Oneplus One, it was really easy to connect it via Bluetooth. All you need to do is flick a little slider switch on the side of the controller to the Android mode, then hold the Home button for 3 seconds to put it into pairing mode.

It connected first time to my phone after enabling Bluetooth and selecting the iPega 9055.

There is even a nice little battery indicator button which when pressed lights up four LEDs indicating the battery charge.

You can also connect this controller to your Windows PC using a micro USB cable or even through Bluetooth. It natively works out the box. I was able to play GTA V with no problems using it.



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