May 07

Come join our new servers!

Saor-Gaming Servers

Hello everyone!

Our server is now in the data centre. I’ve been working hard setting up some of the most popular games for us to  play on.

Everything appears to be working fine 🙂

We have dedicated hardware at our disposal to set up new game servers and add resources to our current ones if needed.

Some of the servers are up and running, however others, though playable, some still need some configuration, like Gmod, L4D2 and Minecraft.

Otherwise, Rust, Space Engineers and TF2 are more or less ready to go!

We also have a 32 slot teamspeak server, but as time progresses we may upgrade and request a community license to increase it up to 512 slots.

Check them out!

Garrysmod 20 slot build server

TeamFortress 2 Classic Map Cycle

Left 4 Dead 2

Minecraft 50 slot Survival

Rust 100 slot Survival

Space engineers


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