May 28

NightSky Backlog – #4


Nightsky - 1

A relaxing, beautiful looking game with impressive level design

Starting this challenge was a great idea, I’ve played a few games now that I wouldn’t have glanced at before because I’ve been too busy playing the latest open world survival or AAA title. It’s fun!

NightSky is a simple platform game where you roll about as a ball, trying to get to the end of the level. Easy right?

It starts of simple, bouncing over a bumpy floor, flying off to the side of the screen, but progressively gets more technical and introduces physics challenges which are always fun to beat.

Nightsky - 2

Mechanical rolling flipper carts!

The level design is great, it takes advantage of the physics of being a rolling ball and throws you in mechanised vehicles, forcing you to rethink how you are controlling the character. It ends up as being a challenging, peaceful little puzzle game.

Nightsky - 3

The art style is lovely too, the contrasting colours doesn’t take anything away from how good it looks; very crisp and edgy, which build directly into the level design, giving you a seamless world for you to roll around in. The music

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