Jun 05

Offspring Fling! – Backlog #3

Offspring Fling - Complete

A fun little platfomer, with arts reminiscent of Kirby

This challenge is getting tougher, i’m getting through a lot of the shorter games and have moved onto larger RPG’s and open world games which will take a bit longer to complete.

Offspring fling is a game where you control a mother bird, who is trying to save her offspring. How does she save them?  Well she flings them across levels into a door where they vanish into who knows where.

Offspring Fling - Mother


Offspring’s art style is cute, simple and reminds me of the older Kirby games. The levels themselves start very basic, introducing you to the puzzle concepts the game will soon throw at you. It was a quick game to complete, but gives itself replayability by challenging you to complete the levels in super short timescales, surpassing even “gold” challenges with ¬†“developer” speed ones.


Offspring Fling - Level

Flinging your kids is bad, people!

The only major annoyance I had with Offspring Fling was the controls, the DPAD and the Analogue sticks had inverted Y axis controls from each other. Sometimes when I switched between the two control methods it threw me off because instead of putting down the offspring, I would throw them right into a poisonous flower!
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