May 24

SkyDrift – Backlog #2

SkyDrift - Complete

SkyDrift – It’s like pod racing, except your a plane.


The second game of the backlog challenge is complete. SkyDrift is an action racer where you fly planes of various different stats and race around a course, picking up power ups to destroy your competitors and fly your way to first place.

SkyDrift looks to be quite a polished casual racer, the graphics look nice, the effects work great to give you a real sense of speed and the controls work fluidly as you slice in between two cliff faces to pick up a power up. But it’s not without its shortcomings; there is only about 4-5 different race tracks, along with 3 modes, a sprint race with  power up rings which increase your speed. A normal race with power ups and a survival race where the person in last place is destroyed every 30 seconds or so. SkyDrift - Podracing!

Despite all this, SkyDrift was pretty fun, though I did get bored of the same map over and over again during the campaign, that may be the fault of completing the game in the one sitting.

Onward to the next game in the challenge!

SkyDrift - Heated

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