May 18

Steam Backlog Challenge

Steam BackLog
A backlog of Steam games; an ultimate first world problem.

I’ve attempted to break my steam backlog a few times now. Unfortunately it ends up breaking me and I go back to whatever recently multiplayer purchase me and my friends are currently on.

Too much time is spent trying to rank up in online games and compete in the repetitive cycle of Minecraft or Rust. I feel like I’m missing out on some great games I picked up in sales that I’ve never got round to even booting up. Things like Mass Effect or Dead Space, even the whole Bioshock series have gone unplayed in the vast backlog of steam games.

This time though, I tell myself it will be different! With my current count showing around 200 games which still need to be completed and with some motivation, I will be push through and experience all of these wonderful works of art!


The Challenge


With the help of and some rapid gaming, I aim to get through a good number of the games on my list. With each completion I will review the game with my overall feelings and key take-aways from the game.

Some games will be easy, only requiring a few hours to complete the main story.  Others however, will take much longer, beasts like Dragon Age and The Witcher series will certainly take me a lot longer.

The main thing is to not constantly add the backlog. I’ve backed away from some of the recent humble bundle deals, realising I never get round to playing them. My most recent purchase was The Talos Principle DLC: Road To Gehenna, which has been a fantastic challenge so far.  I’ve made a point to complete games I immediate buy, but then I always go back to the tried and true multiplayer games.

Lets see how it goes! Look forward to posts and reviews about AAA games that have been around for years and obscure indie games picked up from sales all-round.


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