Tag: Backlog Challenge

Jun 05

Offspring Fling! – Backlog #3

Offspring - Mother

A fun little platfomer, with arts reminiscent of Kirby This challenge is getting tougher, i’m getting through a lot of the shorter games and have moved onto larger RPG’s and open world games which will take a bit longer to complete. Offspring fling is a game where you control a mother bird, who is trying …

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May 28

NightSky Backlog – #4

  A relaxing, beautiful looking game with impressive level design Starting this challenge was a great idea, I’ve played a few games now that I wouldn’t have glanced at before because I’ve been too busy playing the latest open world survival or AAA title. It’s fun! NightSky is a simple platform game where you roll …

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May 24

SkyDrift – Backlog #2

SkyDrift – It’s like pod racing, except your a plane.   The second game of the backlog challenge is complete. SkyDrift is an action racer where you fly planes of various different stats and race around a course, picking up power ups to destroy your competitors and fly your way to first place. SkyDrift looks …

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May 19

VVVVVV – Backlog #1

VVVVVV - Start

VVVVVV – My first backlog game complete! One down a bazillion to go! Did I pick a first game to tackle or what? VVVVVV is one of those Nintendo-hard games that somehow makes you relive the same death over and over again until finally, though luck or good timing, you dodge some spikes and combo-flip …

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May 18

Steam Backlog Challenge

Steam BackLog

A backlog of Steam games; an ultimate first world problem. I’ve attempted to break my steam backlog a few times now. Unfortunately it ends up breaking me and I go back to whatever recently multiplayer purchase me and my friends are currently on. Too much time is spent trying to rank up in online games …

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