May 19

VVVVVV – Backlog #1

VVVVVV – My first backlog game complete!

VVVVVV Complete

One down a bazillion to go!

Did I pick a first game to tackle or what? VVVVVV is one of those Nintendo-hard games that somehow makes you relive the same death over and over again until finally, though luck or good timing, you dodge some spikes and combo-flip yourself to victory!

I went into VVVVVV not knowing what to expect to be honest. I think I picked it up in a humble bundle somewhere.. and it has been sitting in my library for who knows how long. As part of the backlog challenge I picked a short looking game for the evening, installed it and dove in.

The story revolves around a crew being teleported into some strange dimension and scattered across the map, your job as captain is to flip gravity and fall to their rescue. One of the biggest positives about it was the sound track! The music throughout the game keeps you going makes you feel epic when your flipping over spikes and lasers to save your buddies. The game is so simple to control, Analogue to move, A to flip gravity and cause the Captain to fall up or down in order to traverse the weird dimension and survive the traps setup to slow you down.

Checkpoint, flip, die, checkpoint, flip, die..

I admit I got frustrated at some points where the level was beating me, its easy to pick up but oh man can be difficult, as can be seen by my 776 deaths above.

Looking at the Steam reviews most people recommend you stay calm and don’t get too agitated or it will just get worse. Good timings and hand eye coordination are a must to keep the pace up on this fun little game.

VVVVVV - Start

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Let me know what game I should play next in my backlog!


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